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One Scrum master insisted that all programmers are equal and that every programmer can take over the others code. I told him that he should keep on dreaming. Not only did he waste the teams performance, he also killed the team because he induced unnecessary stress.

But the hardest part to get hired is HR that somehow thinks that it is a bingo game. Those with the most hype words get through, not the experienced ones.


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I'd love to take on programming projects for $100 an hour. I'd just try to get as many interviews as possible and never take a job.


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One big problem in tech hiring is that very qualified people don't get involved in it and delegate hiring to 'other' people with soft skills. Most of the hiring meetings are flooded with people who are looking for soft skills instead of technical capabilities.


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This mirrors my own experience.

We have a team of JavaScript developers in our office. We've had people bluff their way through the interview process (even with experienced developers on the panel) who later turned out to know LITERALLY NOTHING about web development, not even having the aptitude to learn after we invested heavily in training for them.

Last year I made a point of getting involved in the recruitment process and implemented a work sample exercise (~1 hour in length) that we used to shortlist applicants.

I have to say, it was amusing to see the number of "highly qualified" applicants who suddenly 'didn't have time to waste on such nonsense' (exact words from one of them).

Long story short, the two developers we've hired since then have been perfect for the job, and are even outperforming most of the old hands.

As a side benefit, the diversity in the team has grown as well: the two new hires are both ethnic minorities, and one is a woman - in a team that was previously exclusively male and almost exclusively white. And this was hiring purely on merit (no quotas or deliberate intention to increase diversity).

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Slackers hate him!


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Also, don't put connections on top of merit.