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Does she realise she's named one of the files whitelist.yml ?

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Submit a PR. Force them to play by their rules.

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Is this a joke. No. It's exactly what it says on the tin, a search and replace dictionary. It seems that the lady that actually wrote this, is like a real programmer. Why? I can't imagine a less challenging programing exercise. I guess she wanted to be at the root of the commit log? She want's this become a widespread tool and have a four letter program everybody uses forever, and she wanted to be the author of it?

I guess the thing to do is to fork it, and name change it to cuck code detector. lol

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For one, I think she convinced Rent the Runway (her employer) to pay her to develop it. Also it gets her some virtue signal cred with her peers.

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I could rewrite this entire stupid ass application into one text file and a grep line.

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Quote: "Convince your leadership to integrate woke within your organization! While it may seem like a small step, it has the potential to make a huge long-term impact to build and maintain an inclusive culture."

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I am filled with rage.

[–] GovernmentShill ago 

You misspelled "rape": https://files.catbox.moe/kfnwpv.webp

[–] cantaloupe6 ago 

Commit triggerin code




transfer ()

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I'm going to see if I can get a highscore.

words to use:






sanity <= fucking insane





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Holy shit how can "sanity" be offensive...

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Insanes hate being judged by sane people. Honestly, I am surprised this word wasn't targeted by them sooner.

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Any distinction between individuals will eventually be offensive, as it would suggest they are not perfectly equal. This is the thought process of someone who values Equality as their core value. It's also the halmark of a communist, as communism naturally follows from egalitarianism.

This all might strike you as insane, but you do not deeply believe in egalitarianism. This is all perfectly natural to them and you are Evil for not believing the same.

[–] menstreusel ago 

I had to look... what the fuck kind of word is yins?

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From the example on the page:

The syntax for rules is very basic. You just need a name, a list of terms to match that violate the rule, and a list of alternative suggestions.

  - name: whitelist
      - whitelist
      - white-list
      - allowlist

Surprise! "Inclusive" is once again a codeword for anti-white...

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Someone should make a set of based rules instead of woke ones. Make a fork then pull request to main author for lolz.

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Funny, it doesn't complain about me using aryan-list and poc-list for allow and deny respectively. Also note that by default it flags "guys" as not being inclusive, but not "girls". Finally, sanity, as in sanity check, is not inclusive according to her defaults. Apparently, there is a lack of insane people coding. I guess doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results didn't make you insane--it make you a woke coder.

[–] ShowMeYourKitties ago 

You should make a pull request on her repo lmao

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Yes it can always get worse.

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I had to try it.

# echo "Fuck off and die faggot" > t.txt
# woke t.txt
No violations found. Stay woke ✊
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