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People want the source code less than they wanted an XP machine.

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People want a legal version of the source code. There actually isn't much new shit when it comes to winNT and m$ knows this so it keeps that core stuff locked up with trade secrets while also trying to enforce copyright and other legal bullshit deflection on things that are supposed to be released to the public domain.

ReactOS development does not use leaks and I want to back it even more to build up something that effectively is open source NT. m$ won't survive with its bullshit business practices should ReactOS actually become usable (hell I'd consider a beta usable, but they're not close to that yet).

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https://dontvis.it/https://tech.slashdot.org/story/20/09/25/1445228/windows-xp-source-code-leaked :

None | Windows XP Source Code Leaked - Slashdot

" That I'm not willing to scrap over windows XP activation issues."

'"Windows XP is almost 20 years old, it has been out of support for six years and won't even boot on modern EFI only motherboards. '

'Microsoft needs to get Windows XP out of the legal limbo it is in right now as there is no way to get a legitimate new licence."', "Any retail license box can be legally transferred, and they're out there on the 2ndary markets.", "I have retail XP licenses+product keys that I've been using with virtual machines for over a decade (to bridge modern networks to MSDOS with Netbios+Netbeui)."

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