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even their code stinks

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Scum of the earth and all they care about is being a manager, not being good at the job.

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So they can layoff white workers and hire more street shitters.

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Only 1%-2% can code. The reason they bring them here is to suppress wages while shifting the workload to the white workers.

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I was totally against Indian coders until I had to work with the latest crop of Americans coders. At least the Indians are cheap, basically do what they're told, and don't have a superiority complex. Working with American programmers is frustrating because you have to deal with retards who think they're geniuses.

My suggestion is to hire eastern European and South America whites.

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There are bad coders all around. Being in an industry that pays well and has a high demand attracts bad candidates who think they are more than the sum.

But overall, I find white programers detail oriented and the best to work with. Street shitters, even if they are good, you are doing or redoing their work all the time. Team work on an indian team feels like fixing all the blunders they make. Team work on a mostly white team feels more like team work because for the most part they pull their weight.

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Hire straight white conservative American men.

They are the Gold Standard for coding and the best in the world.

Naturally that disqualifies almost all millenials.

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Ours are apparently the exception. I think it's lack of drive/motivation though more than intelligence. They're millenials though so that probably explains it. Good success with eastern Europeans though.

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ONE in TWO HUNDRED is an amazing coder, but you will never get to ever normally interact with those superstars, used to salvage dumpster fire fiascos.

I met two astounding coders from India, in my entire life. I dealt with hundreds of moronic bug writing cretins in and from India.

You get what you pay for.

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They are the worse. And all the while you know they are shit, they are telling your managers about standards, testing, quality which sounds good till you realize they don't do any of that, just talk a good game.

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Their code quality is the same as their streets.

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