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I remember a fake dialog that went something like this.

The upper manager goes to the software guru and asks:

"We have 5 programmers for this project. How long will it take to finish?"

"2 years"

"But we need it to be done much faster! How about putting 10 programmers to it?"

"4 years"

"And if I hire 100 programmers?"

"Then the project will never be done"

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That was interesting. I had not considered that software delays were determined by disasters rather than poor estimates.

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Beginner projects can get derailed because of even one obstacle out of reach.

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It's all BS. You can't predict time to solve as you haven't get the knowledge on the solution yet, learning curves etc. You take a best vague guess.

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You could make parallels with things like this. http://www.azillionmonkeys.com/qed/optimize.html

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Nice article!