[–] libman ago 

Perl has always been a crappy programming language. All good ideas it has came from shell, but expanding on those for actual programs has proven to be a mess. Perl now has the most communist license of all major scripting languages, and is far below Python, Ruby, etc in productivity and readability. Some people would even rank it below Smalltalk, Racket, etc.

[–] svipbo [S] ago 

I agree. It was okay for very small programs, but should never have been promoted as a general purpose programming language. Perl fans also are devoted to their programming language and will preach about how good it is, denying any flaws or presenting them as good ideas ("There's More Than One Way To Do It!"). On the flip side it is fairly well-maintained and documented, but so are most commonly-used free programming languages.

[–] parnellsUprising ago 

Good to hear, while I understood the reasoning behind 6, there was no way in hell it was ever going to become useful, and the thought of abandoning all the useful modules in CPAN was ridiculous. One of the major reasons behind the exodus to python, imho.

I am definitely looking forward to it.