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Still can't turn an XY into an XX.

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This has been done with varying degrees of failure for decades.

The code always runs. It is always monstrously inefficient.

It is also pretty much always pointless.

The IT world settled nearly 20 years ago on porting frameworks.

Even FORTRAN and COBOL ran on most every OS of their day. The problem was the languages lack basic functionality - like standardized way to get input and produce output. Sure they had ways. But when moving your source code from IBM to HP the IF statements would ALL be fine. It was the reading from disk where things had to be rewritten.

But certainly since Java, and really practically since C this problem has gotten more and more remote. Now entire runtimes can be picked off a tree with hardly any thought at all. Game Rendering engines really led the way in “draw me a polygon BITCH”. Programmers know the game engine - not the GPI of NVIDiA vs AMD.

The current state of the art, which admittedly does have some warts, are the frameworks that run on both Android and iOS i.e. what Niantic uses for their 3 games: Ingress,Pokémon Go, Wizards Unite.

But it is good to see the brain trust at Facebook putting their minds to a real 1968 problem. At least they aren’t devising new ways to sell your photos to the hightest bidder.

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Get lost mark.

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I can guarantee it's junk.

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Ok, automate that process. Gonna end up with shit code and indecipherable binary blobs.

I translated some code from Java to C# for an exercise. Even given the relative similarity between the languages, it was a nontrivial operation and I had to implement some questionable glue code to make it work properly.

At least it was fast enough.

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“Give us your code, goyim! We’re totally not going to steal it and use it for ourselves while giving you some broken, shitty output in return!”

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C++, Java, and python only... And it's a jew property, so consider it anti-white at best. Yes even this. Boycott all things jewish.