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and refrain from making comments like "I'm an engineer AND a woman".

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Continually asking people to come over and walk you through shit without you trying at all makes me want to bash a fucking hole into your face.

Seems like you're the victim of diversity hires.

... make sure you understand how to google questions you have, look through the code repository, or look at the other projects

If anything, that sounds like having very low standards. I would even let such people use a butter knife, let alone a compiler.

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If you plan to do this for a living...

I want to add, "If you plan to do this for a living, you have to learn 50/365/7/24 so no more social contacts, no more free time, no more relaxed moments". It is basically a life sentence.

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Fuck Jewgle, manufacture your own chips, write your own operating system in your own programming language. You won't need anyone's help after that.

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Probably sounds insane to most.

Regardless, it's what I would recommend too. Particularly, the low level stuff. Got to learn logic gates and flipflops, ALUs, control units, CPUs, ISAs, operating systems and so on.

That'd put you way above the riffraff.

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fuck that

all i need is

Cout -> Hello Faggots

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ESR is a confirmed brainlet.

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To add to OP's advice, please also attempt to figure things out even just a little bit if you do ask for help. If you've done nothing at all and expect a senior programmer to do your work for you at your desk, then expect them to bash your face in. Your attempt does not need to be 100% successful, but it should be more than simply doing nothing at all and expecting complete help. You will not learn if you do not try to solve your own problems. We don't want to do your job. We learned to use our resources and knowledge pools so you need to do so as well in order to grow as a programmer. If you don't we will bash your face in.

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Are these interns? Never had even a jr. dev do that. They'd write shitty ass code that requires a hundreds rounds of review, but at least they'd try.