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"Do you guys not HAVE phones???"

E3 Cringefest

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I didn’t watch it, I can’t imagine the cringe

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It was beautiful.


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Any good mods made for Diablo 1 yet?

I remember back when I heard the source code was reverse engineered, I immediately found myself a copy to download, hoping that within a year or two we'd get some kickass mods for Diablo 1 and/or Hellfire. I see what was done with Command and Conquer's source code, with OpenRA, and I have enormous hopes and expectations for what modders can do with Diablo!

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Very cool insight and story.

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DevilutionX (Open Source Diablo) https://github.com/diasurgical/devilutionX ► His Nintendo Switch Port - https://github.com/lantus/devilution-nx

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