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Long term cost of street shitter code is high. So high in fact it can easily kill a software startup

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Martin Fowler specializes in extracting consulting fees out of clueless executives, not software. He's been pumping out low quality trash articles for decades.

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https://blog.codinghorror.com/paying-down-your-technical-debt/ [classic from 2009] WARNING: the Housing Crisis was around that time and caused by bad debt...

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https://archive.ph/fxvtm :

2019-05-31 | Refactoring whizz: Good software shouldn't cost the earth – it's actually cheaper to build • The Register

'"You couple that with project managers and customers who don't know anything about building software and that is only reinforced. '

'"Countless times I've talked to development teams who say 'they (management) won't let us write good quality code because it takes too long'... '

'"Even small changes require programmers to understand large areas of code, code that's difficult to understand. '

'When asked what can be done to fix the problem, Fowler says: "Recognise that that mindset is incorrect. ', "People say

'If you’re a startup you've got to go fast, you can't afford to have quality code. ' Well, it depends on your time horizon."

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