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Stop accidentally letting Apple know that you used your phone to check web content on Voat.co , VDare.com, nationalvanguard.org, and JihadWatch.com!.

Only Reddit is allowed, NPC !


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There is nothing obvious (to me...) about his recent Twitter activity. Mr. Rogers Kindness Day? Wait a sec, https://mobile.twitter.com/russshanahan/status/1122901120177909763?p=v nawwww! That would be so petty!


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If you go through his post through last month you can find little bits of 4chan lingo... Some SJW probably identified him as being of that culture (correctly or incorrectly).

He didn't actually say ANYTHING it was how he said it. Literally a shiboleth. :/

I would've thought it was one of those dark-ops against natural medicine, but it appears to be (inferred) social group membership.

The guy probably doesn't even know what hit him either...

Or maybe he just ticked off the wrong blue checkmarks? It links to a tech podcast episode for iOS developers... [slow download: probably nothing to do with podcast]