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Microsoft is not your friend - even if they spend millions of dollars on sophisticated "open source" marketing campaigns to convince you otherwise. Use a genuinely free programming ecosystem that is open source, fully permissively licensed, and doesn't constitute an advertising campaign for a left-wing government-loving corporation.

The same obviously applies to avoiding Oracle (Java), Google (Go, Dart), and Apple (Swift). Mozilla (Rust) is even worse with many far-left political campaigns. Same for the JavaScript ecosystem (NPM) and Ruby...


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https://archive.ph/OtNwg :

2019-05-16 | Tangled in .NET: Will 5.0 really unify Microsoft's development stack? • The Register

'Even after the arrival of .NET 5, which is the successor to .NET Core 3.0, these three .NET frameworks will still exist. '

'Another is that two popular parts of the .NET Framework will not be in .NET 5. '

'"It's more like the .NET Framework except you can have multiple .NET Cores side by side even at the system level. '

'Although .NET Framework will continue, you can also compile Windows desktop applications with .NET Core 3.0 (currently in preview) and higher. '

'These frameworks are now open source; but note that it is only the .NET Core ports that are open source. '

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