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My job provides me with a laptop with the software I need. I have to provide phone and internet. I also bought a USB headset for webex meetings. Sometimes I use an external monitor but most of the time my laptop screen is fine. They bought a Webcam for me and I have a blank wall I sit in front of for those particular meetings.

I've done it for so long that I don't really think about it much anymore. I'm salary and my hours are longer than colleagues who work in the office but I find being at home and not having the commute is worth it for me. It's quieter and calmer and I focus better without office distractions.

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What size screen is your laptop? Somewhat worried about screen real estate. Worked in a cent os environment for a long time doing bash scripting and needed all the space i could get. Was planning on doing the freecodecamp.org(com?) stuff, and just want to make sure I get a setup going that will make it easy for reference and code. Second edit. I did work remotely, but from home and I have 2*24" screens, which was fine, but i am wanting to be able to travel a bit, so unsure what is best.

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15-17 inches maybe? Just normal corporate laptop size. I know some of my colleagues requested docks and monitors.

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Been working from home for about 3 years now. It's pretty good for me as the alternative is a 2hr+ commute each way (though I do go into work one day a week. It's good to physically see the people you work with from time to time). A lot will depend on your specific circumstances, your personality, what your work culture is like, what your managers are like, etc. You will need to have a reasonable level of self discipline though, it can be easy to get distracted (like browsing Voat for an hour or so when you should be working).

As mentioned by @GlamourSpork, you'll need some equipment for stuff like webex, my work also uses an in-house (hosted on our own server) messaging app (we use Pidgin). Probably 90% of my communication with the office is done through that. Using text chat is handy in that it's not immediate (you don't know if the person you are messaging is sitting at their desk, they might be taking a shit or something) and there is a log, so you can go back and reference stuff that you talked about.

In terms of equipment, it will depend on where you are. Where I am, I can claim tax deductions on much of what I use for my home office. That includes equipment (computers, keyboards, monitors, etc) and services (I can claim part of my power bill, part of my internet bill, etc). I just use a work supplied laptop with an additional monitor that I already had. Buy yourself a nice keyboard and mouse and a comfortable chair (since you'll be using them all day).

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

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For instance i used a window tiler and 3 monitors at work previously, unsure what people do for a remote setup to emulate this type of environment. Granted i was doing network scripting and monitoring and not straight coding.

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I guess i should have been more specific i have worked from home a good deal. I am interested in travelling a bit and unsure of a good setup. I used to dock a 15" laptop to two 24" monitors at home. I am interested in what people use when travelling. Working from home I have down, essentially dont be myself ;-) Thanks for the reply, do you ever work from places other than your house and if so, what hardware you typically use? And would you change anything to be more comfortable?

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Ah, ok. no worries. My setup is a 17" laptop with another 24" screen. Haven't gone mobile for work, but I'd probably use a similar setup. Depends on how you're travelling. Are you in your own vehicle (can modify it), if so you could make your own office in a van or something. If you're travelling more conventionally, it could be trickier lugging all that stuff around. Maybe if you were staying in one spot for a few days/weeks, you could rent an additional monitor.

I know for marketing trips, my boss generally buys a monitor/TV for presentations when he gets to wherever he's going (cheaper than transporting it and having the baggage handlers break it anyway), then he gives it away to someone when he's done. But that's a more specific type of use case than coding.

I could imagine working from something like a caravan, but it's not something I've needed to do yet.