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No, it's because managers don't trust American workers. This is a management issue. The companies know you are there, they don't care. They're going to get rid of that programmer the second they are done, by any means necessary to save money. They don't want to face you when they do it. They promise big to get the talent, then screw you a year later with excuses about saving money. H1B makes it so they don't have to face the social consequence of their shitty actions. It's not you, it's them.

I've seen this enough times personally to know this is the reality. It has everything to do with money and social consequences, nothing to do with being able to find talent. Sorry dude, find a different profession; they don't want Americans for that industry, you cost too much.

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In my experience they aren't even cheaper than hiring citizens. We've worked with many H1B coders, who were fucking terrible (admitted to having friends take their coding tests), that were paid as much or more than mid-level developers. They were hired to do tasks we didn't want to bother having our juniors work on, so not like we were hiring them for things we couldn't' handle. Doesn't make sense unless someone is getting their pockets lined.

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Contracting companies are also taking a cut of those hires.

$100 to TCS and then They pay the contractors $50.

It’s a good racket. TCS built a campus the size of Googles.

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They have to go back.