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Lol Hillary Clinton has a hotness of 5? Maybe 40 years ago.

Your age modifiers are also messed up. It peaks at 30-35 right? 20-25 should get the highest value, and go down from there, since the likelihood of her being a virgin as well as her fertility drops. Funny project.

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Not my numbers dude. I just googled Hillary Hotness and that's what came up.

Same with the fertility numbers. They aren't mine, they are just something I quickly looked up and plugged in.

If you have a better heuristic, stop complaining about it and do a commit.

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I just googled

Ah, I see the problem.

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And this is off topic but it's "pique" your interest, not peak.

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If you factor in Jews and Muslims you need to drop the age of lost virginity to 6-9. Like it or not, they are part of the west now.

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A quick Ctl+F shows you are missing height + weight for a BMI calculations. A 200lb land whale isn't worth much to a white man. Speaking of, need a "from" perspective as well. If a negroid was calculating it they don't mind a 300lb butter golem.

Widowed w/children is a thing as well, many men don't mind a widow with a kid, dunno how well that is reflected in children/man/divorce calculations. STDs also, diseases other than STDs such as uhhh I dunno, brain worms or something.

If you really want to get complex, hotness with or without makeup, using the makeup removal app might help, though inputting data could be difficult. And a degree-meter for how badly she has the feminism. That can turn people off real fucking quick.

That's all I got off the top of my head.

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A quick Ctl+F shows you are missing height + weight for a BMI calculations. A 200lb land whale isn't worth much to a white man.

That's a good point. I'll have to think about it. The hotness scalar kind of covers that though and I don't want to have redundant scalars. So, I'd either have to keep the hotness variable or remove it in favor of a multitude of scalars which "hotness" would comprise of.

Speaking of, need a "from" perspective as well.

From, as in a location? Like, Africa or something? Try to make that into an objective scalar value and I'll see what I can do. But, "Africa" doesn't really translate into a scientific value we can do calculations on.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is, despite this being a humorous project, there IS some sense of measurable reality here and I don't want the humorous aspect to get in the way of the real scientific value. Help me out with some of these heuristics and I'll add them in if they can work.

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Just tossing some ideas around man. I've got a few projects of my own I really should work on instead.

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Any white man that fucks a widow is mentally fucked up, thats the earliest conception of cucking except the man was on the sky watching.

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good lesson on how to take 80 lines of code for one simple arithmetic equation

also your fertility metric implementation is fucking stupid. you think 40 year old fertility is more valuable than a 19 year old? you need to integrate the fertility rate from present until she turns 34and zero out everything above 34 unless you think damning a child to have autism is desirable to you.

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You say that as if the compiler gives a crap about lines of code. D compiles to pure binary pretty efficiently, so all these lines get crunched down into a tiny ball of bits.

Sounds more like a "Chair -> Keyboard Interface" problem to me.

But, if you think you can do better without sacrificing readability or maintainability, go ahead and push the code. At best, you'll cut out maybe a dozen pointers.

It's easy to criticize, but I think I'd rather keep the maintainability.

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lmao chair-keyboard interface problem. never heard that one

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...the fuck language is this written in?

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It's my go-to "Fuckin around and having fun" language.

Basically, it's C++ with the boost library built in and all the shit you hate about C++ removed.

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The SJW fucksticks?

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Kek seriously D? What the heck is that for?

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Pique your interest, OP. Not peak. English tip of the day.

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I have to trigger the autistic english majors somehow dude!

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Reminds me of an old joke that got me and my dad in trouble...

Why do they call it PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

I got in trouble for telling the joke. My dad got in trouble for laughing. Grandpa laughed the hardest but never gets in trouble.

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All these names already exist just look at Greek, Celt, Persian, Japanese, Indian folklore. After Apocalypse. These names may become common Worthapig, Aboutwohenz, Gudwife, WhiteNBrite, Nuggatowizdo, Twokows, Sikskamel, ToxicAidsdumpster, Donutouch, Witchwoman etc .

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You should add a craziness parameter based on the universal hot/crazy matrix https://youtube.com/watch?v=XuI6GTY9eVc

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Ha! We think alike! That is what I'm working on today. Literally implementing the hot/crazy matrix into the program.

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↑I second this motion.

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Honestly this isn't any better than SJW "girl programmers" who barely know how to code but sure like to tell the world about it. How is 80 lines (which could easily be about 5) of multiplications interesting at all? This is a (rather drawn out and forced) joke, not anything to do with programming.

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Tell you what, I'll show you some cool tricks next time I commit. But the fact that you are even asking should be a warning to yourself that Dunning-Kuger is in play. Maybe read up on D language's feature set and see if you can figure it out before I commit.

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I used to do some stuff with D. Has awesome template/compile time support, long before C++ ever got any of it. What you have there is basically a python script with extra braces.

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