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And funnily enough 99% of the IT/tech jobs out there are a form of cobbling and/or rewriting said codebases

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Just rewrite it entirely

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Looks like I might have to. The project is FUCKED now. And can't seem to fix it. Why doesn't unity have a save as feature? Oh well should probably be rewritten anyway :(

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Sounds like you're new to programming. Stick to it and your errors will go down. C# can be a pretty good language if you learn it's nuances. At some point you will reach critical mass on your skills and write good code with ease. It takes time and perseverance so keep coding. You'll learn the best if you work towards solving a specific problem rather than just tinkering.

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Yeah I am new but I am getting the hang of it. My problem was I started this project when I didn't know anything about c#., so shit was thrown everywhere. And then I wanted some functionality which I could barely find any information on so I just figured it out and had to fix things and really understand how everything works. The hardship sucked but I have a better understanding of everything.

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This comment gives me hope. If you don't suffer for what you desire, you didn't earn it.

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Glad to hear you're getting the hang of it. As with most things we do in life, doing it often helps drive your ability. At some point a switch turns on and you feel like you just became enlightened. That's when you know you had to fail a lot to learn to do it right. Keep going and good luck with the learning. That eureka moment is just past the next few mountains.

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C# reminds me of a redditor.

That's why you should've used Haskal. It's pure like a goat.

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good job!

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Fucking awesome job! You rocked it.

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Best feeling in the world once you get it to work, amirite?