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dont understand why git is so popular. ive used svn for years and it works great. tortoise svn on windws is great too.

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Apparently it's much faster than SVN, and you can work offline if needed.

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I can use SVN offline as well. I only need a network connection when I want to update up to the main trunk, or download from the main trunk. Otherwise, all my development and debug is in my local repository.
I have nothing against GIT, it just seems that it's popular just because it's new(er) and all the hip dudes use it. SVN or GIT would work fine for most projects.

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I've been meaning to learn git for ages now; I'm not familiar with SVN or any other kind of code management, so I'm kind of looking for a cheat-sheet that isn't just a large block of text with GIT commands, but instead some sort of logical flowchart that I can follow over and over and over again until I've essentially repeated it enough times to remember the basics.

Anyone in /v/programming know of a good resource for this? I'm not actively coding right now, but I do have a lot of projects that I do for individual configurations of 3D printers, which I'd like to commit to a git repo so that I can store the configurations and modifications I've made to each machine. This requires keeping firmware versions for each machine, etc and I figured learning this would make my life easier.

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I've been programming professionally for a couple decades now. I've always run my own backups until recently so I never had a need for a centralized repository like git until last year.

Rather than a flow chart I'd suggest a decent tutorial. Branching is the main reason Git is so popular and most everything you need to learn is probably in this one tutorial.


Good Luck.

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Thanks for the resource! This is a fucking brilliantly designed site.

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