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Most languages are at this point. But C++ has so many features, if you don't know what to do with them, it's very easy to make a mess of things.

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I don't agree. C/C++ takes more effort than Rust, D, or especially Nim. C/C++ means uglier code, lots of boilerplate, slower development, and much higher likelihood of lethal bugs (which can cost a company millions).

With the aforementioned languages, you can still write lower-level code with manual memory management that's as efficient as C/C++, and easily interface with all of C/C++ libraries. But 90% of the time, using higher-level features and GC is a good trade-off (and they're still faster than Java, C#, Go, Haskell, etc).

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Another point in its favour is that it's not Java.

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cout << what << the << fuck << is << this << shit

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The main issue with C++ is the amount of undefined behavior and the very high amount of knowledge you need to write "legitimate" code.

There's just so many pitfals.

That being said - I really love it. It's my favorite language by far.

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int square(int arg)
    int x;
    if (arg > 0)
        x = arg;
    return x * x;

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Slow compilations,

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Just don't go full retard on meta programming, I guess

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That's one of the best parts of C++ though.

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if you are not disciplined at programming, it is way too easy to shoot yourself in the foot (and everyone else, for that matter) . I much prefer strongly typed languages and BOUNDS CHECKING. also, doing all the memory management yourself is usually a big PITA and except for a few cases is usually better done by the compiler. that being said, if you want to program embedded systems, there really is nothing else but C/C++.

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On reason is that the IDE's are still not up to speed. Refactoring in C++ is never as nice as it is in intellij. Additionally, code completion, type hints, and other elements are pretty much fucked in all IDE's when they are behind templates.

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I have found Qt Creator fairly good with this issue

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