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OpenBSD is a much freer (as in freedom) system than anything based on Linux, but the performance isn't always so great...

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I've heard it's not friendly with heavy browsers like Firefox. I'm looking to switch, and have been examining if it's worth it, FreeBSD vs OpenBSD. What do you mean?

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If you're new to BSD systems, a FreeBSD-based distro like TrueOS or GhostBSD is probably the best place to start. Desktop software runs great on FreeBSD. You can later experiment with a from-scratch FreeBSD install, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, etc and decide what works best for you.

The performance difference between FreeBSD / DragonFlyBSD and Linux is very small to non-existent - depending on your hardware. Some of the difference is due to different compilers used to build the system (GCC vs Clang), since a lot of CPU-intensive software was specifically optimized under Linux and GCC. OpenBSD can also be slower due to absence of a modern FS, conservative memory management, and other trade-offs of the security-first design. You can read benchmarks (like from Phoronix, ex), but the only ones that matter are how those OSes perform on your hardware and for your specific needs.

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