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Look at the licensing, you should be using open jdk

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I know. I've explained this to my managers. It's their decision, not mine.

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What, did you just start developing? These kinds of things aren't specific to Oracle nor are they rare - this shit happens all the time. That's what makes good developers good - knowing how to efficiently troubleshoot. If Oracle recommended a build and you didn't use that to begin with, that's totally on you.

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I don't get paid to develop. I admin the shit developers make.

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The closer one gets to the code the lower the faith in technology working, lol.

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Ah right. Those that can - do. Those that can't - administrate.

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Oracle THANKS to East Indian infiltration has become a diabolical nightmare of NON elegant confusion. East Indian philosophy NO DOUBT. Just take the RMAN utility! Or any of the other major development features over the past decade. Non elegant, non obvious, overly complex and confusing options NEVER adequately explained. Hell just patching the damn database is a nightmare, as some patches might screw you up if your didn't need them.

Fuck Oracle, and fuck India.

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Honestly, the nicest thing I could possibly say about Oracle is that they have an okay database. I have to admin three of them, and for the most part they just work. I don't like working with them, but they do work.

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What version and what features? Failover? ASM?

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Whoever came up with not assigning a minor release number is getting a big bonus for "bug-free code"!

This has to be some new project management thing, Microsoft does it too. What the fuck is a 1709? 1834? Year/week of build I guess, but why even have all these different builds maintained in parallel?

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I swear to god microsoft release numbers and branch structure are a fucking trainwreck. To make it worse release numbers are shared across OS versions so there is all sorts of confusion about what release and version of product people are talking about whatever bug was fixed in. This is pajeet level bullshit devised by pajeet engineers since thats the only people those companies hire now. Almost all of my software runs on linux distros now but there are a few projects that still have dependencies on .net 4 assemblies or need a windows host to run whatever micro service that functionality was split out with. My intention is to dump windows completely as soon as i can.

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One Raging Asshole Called Larry Ellison.

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Larry Ellison is not an asshole. I don't think he has the capacity to be an asshole if he tried. He just craves money. Anything for more money. Money is winning.

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The Silicon Valley is far from a free market. It had tons of government R&D money poured into it since WW2, and it's still heavily in bed with Fed domestic spying agencies - especially Oracle. Its use by so many large corporations and universities is all about group-think and historical momentum, not actual quality. There's a good reason why their licensing forbids publishing benchmark results...

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Everything from Oracle sucks. And all Java sucks.

  • Use PostgreSQL. Most Russian businesses switched from Oracle / SQL Server to PostgreSQL when they were hit by the sanctions, and it's quickly catching up with the most important features. There are lots of extensions, and proprietary support if needed. Given the cost of Oracle licenses, you can save money by hiring developers to write any features you're missing in PostgreSQL, for the benefit of all humankind!

  • Use a copyfree statically-typed programming language like Nim, D, Haskell, Rust, Go, etc. (Strikeouts are for languages from left-wing organizations / corporations that lobby for bigger government.) Some aforementioned languages easily beat Java performance benchmarks, including for low-powered devices and Web scale APIs. Or use a scripting language like Ruby, Python, Tcl, etc - if you must.

  • You don't need a heavy Java IDE. VS Code is the most feature-rich editor for the languages mentioned above (ex Rust, D, Nim), and it has a pretty low learning curve. Better still is learning vim or kakoune.

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Yeah they changed their default TLS version, without the command line switch to set the version you want it won't work

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Their executives' attitude towards security makes me worry. It wouldn't surprise me if there are more bugs (security flaws) in their TLS implementation. But don't look too closely at Oracle's products, just trust Oracle, or else maybe they will sue you.