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It is not just Java breaking things here and there, it is the new normality

It used to be that restarting a PC was a reliable operation, not anymore, some models may hang at reboot due to some stupid interaction with ACPI or whever stupid "smart" bios.

Case in point, systemd, never seen more shit in one single piece of software.

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Switch to *nix, you'll be OK.

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I am on Linux

and..... systemd is just NSA work to hack into it

will be something like the current CPU bugs, somebody will say, oh, yes, there is a new vulnerability on systemd

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Not enough neurotic white male programmers to keep the pooskins in check.

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And so did Java 8, and Java 7, and Java 6, and ...

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The module system was a hurdle for us to move at my last job. Otherwise they would be about to roll onto 11