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I'm not in that shit for two seconds and I find evidence of their telemetry.

All your calc are belong to them.

Check out https://github.com/Microsoft/calculator/blob/master/src/Calculator/Common/AppLifecycleLogger.cpp

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They surely think we are chimp in the zoo

Microsoft: Hey, throw a few nuts at those chimp in the cage....

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That's adorable.

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https://files.catbox.moe/rx9b23.png :

2019-03-06 | Microsoft open-sources its Windows calculator on GitHub - The Verge

'Microsoft is making the source code for its Windows calculator available on GitHub today. '

'While it might be a relatively minor part of Windows, the open-sourcing of the calculator follows years of Microsoft embracing open source. '

'The source code is now available on GitHub and it includes the build system, unit tests, and even the product road map for the calculator feature in Windows. '

'Microsoft’s calculator source code will help Windows developers more easily integrate calculator logic or UI into their own apps, and developers can also report or fix bugs, participate in discussions around the future of the calculator, and help design and build the app with Microsoft engineers. '

'Microsoft even open-sourced the original File Manager from the ‘90s to allow it to run on Windows 10, and just recently made 60,000 patents open-source to help protect Linux. '

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