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you shouldn't have joked so much about: "learn to code"

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Yeah but the good news is I never need to feel compelled to contribute money to linux again after this. If they have so much money that they can waste it so lavishly, they don't need a dime from me.

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That and "get a STEM degree, bro!"

Everyone is a fucking "engineer" now.

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STEAM degree bro, STEAM. A for arts. Like Interpretive Dance and Theatre. Also did you know the S for Science now includes Bakery Science?

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Spot on. The technology field is polluted with idiots. The bubble has to burst at some point. Just need to find a way to make money off of the collapse of the tech sector.

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Wait until you find out that the entire industry has been doing the same for several years.

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It's why I retired three years ago.

I worked for a multi-billion dollar unicorn company. To be "more diverse", they converted all of the single-occupant unisex bathrooms to gendered bathrooms, and then gave the women keys to both.

Company-sponsored "Girls Who Code" events were held during office hours, and they hired security to keep male employees out of those parts of the office during work hours.

I was literally complaining about these things the moment the James Damore memo went public.

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I like to code for hobby. Am I overqualified for a job?

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...oh boy, this is hitting close to home; I am six months away from retiring (but don't tell anyone...:-) ) - and I am slowly losing my mind.

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Sounds like the ultra left silicon valley culture. I just left my rather prominent tech employer, feel better about it already.

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It's frustrating watching stupidity take over management in a project you were invested in. This has been a widespread problem I've seen it everywhere.

It's not even appreciated by the people who benefit which is amazing really.

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And then they demand "equal pay"

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Not quite so egregiously as this though.

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add space after ',' in r819xU_HTType.h

A commit for literally one whitespace character. A text file change can not get smaller than that, nor more useless than that.

Shit like this is the reason why I actually read the source code people link on their resumes.

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Good lord. Even as a newbie programmer finishing off university I know not to comment on something so simple. I generally fix all my whitespace/formatting issue in one go, about once per sprint.

Usually while also fixing up and adding to my comments to make them more clear to whoever has to read that terrible code and try to make sense of it.

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What's your favorite language or framework.

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Well at least they didn't touch the code. If they claim they know how it works just say... okay explain how the scheduling works .. what is the architecture of the kernel? What changes did you make and why were they important? What kinds of device drivers are there? How do you make a new one? Etc.

It'll be real obvious if they know anything.

Probably it's the first time some kernel devs talked to a girl; so maybe money well spent?

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Congratulations, now you have to explain to the HR delegate multiple times very slowly why those aren't valid answers to the questions. Meanwhile that HR delegate continues to say things like well she's showing good insight and initiative.

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Technology has been more about feelings an inclusiveness for at least five years, maybe ten.

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This should be readily apparent to anyone who uses technology. In that time range stuff first stopped getting better, and is now regressing.

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the first time some kernel devs got laid


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I was hoping that was fake, but it isn't. thanks for pissing in my cornflakes this morning bruh

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god fucking damnit, that fucking sucks. how do we cleanse linux of this shit?

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damn, I shoulda identified as a woman. DRATS!

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It's never too late!

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And you can be gender-fluid so you only have to identify when you're 'coding'.

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Where do I sign up?! 😂

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It's a 40 hour per week internship that pays $5500 over the course of three months. Seems like a decent deal for people who are right out of school, but not something that anyone in the industry would be interested in.

To be honest, I wouldn't expect anyone to make major changes to the kernel after three months of an internship if they're fresh out of college.

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I was joking. Ty for the info though.

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5k here is a year of minimum wage.

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So you’re making 96 cents an hour? Ya live in Bangalore or something?

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