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Maybe people who believe in concepts invented by feminists really are imposters... https://zapier.com/blog/what-is-imposter-syndrome/

EDIT: one of the people who popularized IS in tech was Katrina Owen (among others) around 2013-2014 or so. Just because some of these people are talented doesn't mean they aren't giant SJWs... Katrina Owen talks

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Her GitHub repo is 90% untouched forks and 10% irrelevant, low quality Ruby projects. I don't know if "impostor" is the word, but she certainly isn't talented or notable...

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I was watching videos of her talks until falling asleep yesterday (all about refactoring). Her voice was irritating and reminds me of people I used to tolerate... The talks are probably good, if eeriely polished. It is a little creepy how her career sounds like bossing co-workers around to change behavior, like a proto-SJW... Even if her advice were valid! I'll watch the videos but don't have to like it.

It turns out an early article (slate.com) mentions IS being a topic at a women's tech conference in 2010. The original feminists were from the 70's, these ideas percolate for awhile but it really started taking off in 2014.

That can't be natural... I think one of the popularizers was an alum from Y Combinator but the topic is too widespread, requires indoctrination, and appeared on the scene all of a sudden.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=N2qh5z7g3qk :

Imposter Syndrome in tech. ("Fake it till you make it") - YouTube

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It's been a few days but came across another tech speaker and blogger promoting IS very early. http://sachachua.com/blog/?s=imposter#post-24521 You'll notice how she has to persuade that the phenonemon is real, because nobody would believe that shit.

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I invite you, and the others who commented here too, to actually watch the video i posted. You will see that while it begins in a serious manner it is actually a piece of humor. Watch it and have a good laugh as i did. ;)

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It wasn't funny.

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Imposter sounds like something invented by imposters themselves. Like if you feel you’re an imposter, doesn’t that mean that you are? I’m a software developer and I've never felt that way before.

I’m always learning, growing and evolving. If they are not imposters, maybe they are super jealous of how other people are learning, growing and evolving. I get jealous sometimes, we all do. But these people are trying to label it.

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The worst programmers I've ever seen land jobs as programmers. How anyone can feel like an imposter in that type of environment is well beyond me.