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It should be more like this. Why'd you make it complicated?

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Orange Man Bad

You wanted a better future for your children. You thought ending endless mass immigration would help. You thought a wall would help. When a man said he would build a wall, ending mass immigration and providing a better future for your children, you voted for him. But, did you even know at the time that he peed on a Russian hooker and colluded with Russia? No, so now that you know these absolute facts, you must realize that you no longer want a wall and no longer want a better future for your children and it was wrong of you to ever want these things, because Orange Man Bad. -All (((Journalists)))

Am I doing Journalist right?

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I know i'll catch a ton of shit, but go with javascript. It's one of those jack of all trades languages that's easy to pick up and can do a lot of shit. Not to mention that these days it's fkin everywhere and there's no shortage of jobs.

It's a great language to fuck around with and learn, but being a jack of all trades, if you have a project in mind there's certainly a language that would be much better for the specific thing.

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I agree with this post, especially if OP is going to continue with web dev, but even if not. Node is hot and working full stack in a single language means less LEARN ALL THE THINGS learning curve. Like any language, Javascript has its own silly corners.


not so silly: https://medium.com/dailyjs/the-why-behind-the-wat-an-explanation-of-javascripts-weird-type-system-83b92879a8db

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Add some Python and PHP and you will always have some work.

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If you’ve got some experience or interest in more complex programming, go for Java. 1. Install Eclipse/IntelliJ/Vim or another IDE 2. Look up tutorials (for example Simon Allerdice, from Lynda.com) 3. Lots of practice. Learn new concepts, and how to implement them. Don’t learn all the details yet, go for the general pcicture.

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yeah i have a little experience, Java is looking VERY attractive at the moment. Ill take your advice and have a look at what you have there.

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Good to hear. If you’d need any kind of advice, please ask.

Thinking about it, basic concepts include:

  • Array
  • ArrayList
  • List-framework
  • Map-framework
  • Hashmap

These will prob keep you occupied for a few weeks.

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CS student here. Try here first: https://www.codecademy.com Java is good to start with. C is good to learn too. But after a while you get familiar with most languages and can swap through several a day as needed.

Other notables: javascript, php, sql(for databases).

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I studied it a bit, and the scripting + vbs with excel came in handy.

I think the best way to get back into it is to get a project and learn as you go. I learnt more with making a shitty, rudimentary web scraper using Python than I did with any other study.

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Yeah learning through making is great advice, replicating what you are told lets you repeat one thing, but making something from scratch allows you to create anything.

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do both

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what sort of C# stuff did you do, maybe into Unity game dev?

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