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I need to include more masters and slaves and whitelists and blacklists in my code. Too bad none of my code really fits into these areas. Please let me know of more micro-aggressive names I should use.

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I think I'll create a field and call it niggerFaggotKike, if that offends Ben, he can shove it up his fucking ass.

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Ok, goodlist and niggerlist from now on. Got it.

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Angular is cancer. If you like Angular, I would never hire you.

I'm not surprised this is the kind of people who worked on it.

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Currently in the process of converting an Angular app to MVC for my company.

The last guy did one angular app, the one I'm converting, then left. He wanted to get that sweet, sweet angular ninja cred on his resume so he could get a job at one of the local coding bootcamps teaching.

I get the idea of angular. I like the idea of angular. I don't like the results of using angular.

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I would go so far as to say that there is no idea of Angular. Almost every use case in Angular (often even trivial ones) requires special logic and there are almost no generalizable principles to help you implement things without having to look it up.

It then attempts to hide the fact that it has no merits whatsoever (not hyperbole!) under a jumble of arbitrary design patterns and Angular-specific jargon that feed its users egos as it locks them into its ecosystem and gives them nothing back in return. Angular experience certainly does not carry over, at all, to any other framework or project. You see, someone figured out that most programmers would never publicly admit to not understanding something, and projects like Angular are designed to exploit this in order to succeed, rather than having merit. A bonus of it being obtuse and convoluted is the ability to sell books and offer paid courses and certificates around it.

There is literally no reason to ever use Angular over React or Riot. This is one case where I would be judgmental if someone advocated for Angular, because I know that Angular is not real.

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Yes, Angular is one of the most over-engineered pieces of garbage that I've ever had the displeasure to work with. Unfortunately, enterprise software companies love it...

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Spot on!

Liking Angular is a clear indication that you will fail your next project and the one after that and even after that.

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I bet he sucks CoC too.

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too bad, he has some nice guns on him. What a waste.