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The quote in the title is from the all-time best TAD video clip, which is this one:


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"The differences between an amateur and a professional, nigger, is that you write your own compiler. I have a 20,000 line divine intellect compiler that compiles just in time and ahead of time. [...] YOU'RE A NIGGER. YOU'RE A FUCKING NIGGER. So..."

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What a beautiful quote from a beautiful man.

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I never bothered to try and figure out what the guy on the other line was saying. Someone in the comments posted a transcript, and it makes the clip that much better,

"You wrote a port of GCC?"
"You wrote a frontend for GCC, right?" x2
"No no no no no. Your compiler, you know? The frontend GCC port."
"OK so you ported GCC, congratulations."
"It's GCC."

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You're forgetting about

The Hardest Question in Programming

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Is it scary that I kind of see some of him in me?

I'm even trying to build my own defunct OS but in javascript-ish instead of c-ish.

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“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”

― Oscar Levant

Just roll with it, like the rest of us :)

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(((Oscar Levant)))

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Recompiling the kernel is UNIX tradition and it is normal to seek understanding of your infrastructure.

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Scary awesome. Embrace it, man. I honestly think that a lot of shit that people perceive as "mental illness," is just the brain rejecting artificial programming. I'm not talking about trannies; but more like, "being anti-semitic and knowing there are only two genders is not a mental illness." Davies most-certainly had mental problems, but he was an extreme. Being passionate about things that people think are weird is nothing to be ashamed of. Neither is calling stupid people "niggers."

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OS but in javascript

You poor, poor bastard.

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CIA Niggers That Glow In The Dark, bwaaa! I loved that guy!

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I will forever-and-only refer to any alphabet-soup agents as CIA Niggers. Or "glow-in-the-dark spooks," if I happen to be in polite company.

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I wonder what was wrong with his brain.

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IIRC, schizophrenic symptoms are caused by the atrophy of the temporal lobe. The exact mechanisms are still up for debate but it's a mix of genetic predisposition and environmental factors. Certain flus and cat parasites have been shown to have a strong correlation.

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Geniuses are more common than you might think - it's the stable genius that's rare.

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However things would get worse, by May Terry believed his was in psychic communication with Elon Musk and General James N. Mattis designing new features for TempleOS. At one point even believing that Dianna had cheated on him with Elon Musk himself.

By August of that year Terrys ability to focus on one thing and speak properly had diminished. His speech was slurred and his general appearance and health had deteriorated.

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Cat parasites. Communion wafer in nostrils.

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Sounds like he would fit right in on Voat

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Voat hates more jews than blacks though.

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We could teach him.

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I hate them all

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Davis wrote an entire operating system from scratch, all by himself. That's a gargantuan task.

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Everyone in computer science writes a compiler. Usually spend about a week or two on it, maybe 20 hours? Of course the compiler usually only has basic expressions, control statements and for loops and functions.

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He didn't just write a compiler. He wrote all the code to boot a PC and be able to run the compiler, edit code, and lots of other stuff.

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this. However, if you're in cs undergrad, chances are you only wrote a parser, or at best a transpiler. There is a good chance if you took more involved courses you may have fucked around with LEX/YACC and done some TAC stuff.

I love this OS, but I hate the tards that think "this is fringe os, must be best os"... I even had some chromosome farmer try to claim that templeOS could be used for IoT devices.

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I wish we could have saved him

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The CIA got to him too soon.

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Fucking CIA Niggers. I believe Terry was a failed MK ultra

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