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Emacs is better (jk)... they claim vim was created on purpose more likely its was just discovered as a C++ programming artifact.

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An interesting thing about vim is that it came out of the Amiga community, just like clisp.

Rob Landley mentions coming from the Amiga community before Linux came out. ~~http://landley.net/talks/celf-2013.txt~~ Toybox and the whole self-hosting Android project was quite interesting before the CoC. :(

Some random website about writing compilers was made by someone from there too. I find it interesting tgere was another computing culture out there...

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Interesting. Actually C++ template programming capability was discovered rather than intentionally created according to some accounts (just joking about them having discovered vim floating around in there too). It's inspiring that other communities may care more about quality and not succumb to CoC.