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The fall of Linux is now well underway.

Fuck. We're not going to have a secure, usable OS soon.

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Make distro, declare the purpose of the distro is to be anti-sjw/sjw free, fork development, fin. Could name it hetero linux. edit: and nns/hetero linux, nns: normal(surely have them in a fit with this) not sjw.

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Hetero and cis are words invented to make room for homo and trans. They are all faggoted.

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Maybe they should make a distro for themselves and keep rest of the distributions unaffected.

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"Are you Heterolinuxual?"

The marketing practically writes itself!

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People who are true to the core principles of linux have forked before that disgusting CoC they wrote and forced down everyone's throats. They will carry the torch.

I'm surprised at how little support companies who's entire business model depends on this free open source OS, are giving to the true developers.

If the sjws force shitty versions of linux on to the public and the bugs and exploits make the smart appliances and network hardware they run on, easily hackable, they will have a big problem!

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It's probably already started.

These freaks are epic value destroyers.

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We need to pull an “Atlas Shrugged” and leave these losers to their own devices. We make our own superior OS because we can actually code and leave the complainers to work on a dead project

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They will carry the torch.

Will they? This is a Core Debian developer. Debian is a distro. The CoC debacle was for the kernel found in all distros.

And people who reacto to this, are they capable of doing kernel development? I think not. Not until enough of the existing kernel devs are ousted and replaced with purple-hairs, that is, at which point they can fork then.

Nothing says you have to include the CoC in your fork post-CoC anyway.

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I remember when hacking was a meritocracy

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And coding. Jesus.

It really is any idiot with a mental disability or non white now.

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Meritocracies aren't allowed anymore.

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I already saved some ISOs. Simply not going to update for as many years as necessary.

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Maybe it's written with no intention to do harm, but it seems it's not written to not do harm either. The result is several people feeling uncomfortable and undermining of efforts to improve the health of the community.

Holy fuck. I can't even...

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We realize you're an integral part of the development of Debian but you made some people on this mailing list feel bad so you are gone! It's better for Debian! Bye!

How can people not see this as a hostile effort to destroy Debian?

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I think everyone can see it now. It's just that no one will fight for anything. At least, not on our side of things.

They are at war with us, and we are asleep. Probably the easiest way to win a war... convince your opposition it's not at war, and sabotage any mechanism for it to realize it, or participate. We will enter their rigged arena of discussion, but we have no line that can't be crossed.

We're like "The Gimp", and we suddenly realized we're not among friends.

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Back in the day Gamergaters found out that Microsoft's director of geopolitical strategy Kate Edwards (formerly Tom Edwards) of IGDA was running a fake Anonymous OpGamergate , and two of Microsoft's past chief Open Source strategists Samir Ramji and Brian Kirschner had worked in a small company called Apigee where Shanley Kane was head of developer relations, and Microsoft's PR agent Susan Bohle had planted the Anita Sarkeesian article in the New York Times whose board member Joi Ito's sister Mimi Ito was a co-worker of Sarkeesian's speechwriter Jon McIntosh. It didn't get the spread that the Halloween Documents did. ESR did not want to touch it.

Some of the "journalists" who were watching OpGamergate and should have been in a position to know and report what was really going on, but didn't:

  • Adrian Chen of New Inquiry
  • Kate Callen of the Toronto Star
  • Joseph F. Cox of Wired
  • Eric W. Dolan and Tony Ortega of Raw Story
  • Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News
  • Dave Lee of the BBC
  • Derek T. Mead of Motherboard
  • Anna Merlan of Jezebel
  • Aaron Sankin of Daily Dot and Kernel Mag
  • Nick Woolf of The Guardian

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Who is hiring these faggots inside the company ?

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I miss the good old days, when internet communities were basically different versions of Lord of the Flies, but with people who actually knew what they were doing. I miss it so much. It's, like, 90% of the reason why I continue to log in to voat.

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This is a pretense to make their sabotage more acceptable. "Harm" is not relevant to math.

They're simply depriving their enemies of their intel, and communication. Understandable strategy in war. We either defend our resources, or get distracted by their pretenses, and sit back & take it.

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One of my friends met Linus at a pool once, she said hi, he told her to fuck off.

Now we are worried about hurting the feelings of others when the guy in charge is a total dick?

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Pretty sure his daughter had everything to do with the coc. Parents trying to support their children and whatnot.

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No, no. Wait. Ban all the good developers.

This could work.

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Devuan. Spread the word.

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Ban enough of them and you might see good things come out of it.

Coders gonna code.

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If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to.

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He should learn to co- oh, wait.

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dont you see the irony here? he knows how to code, but they want to force him to be a SJW faggot. And the SJW faggots will now be forced to code!

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Except SJW faggots don't code. They learn enough code to make a Hello, World. Then they become contributors with the sole intent of destroying them from the inside

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He's trying to bargain with them. All those useless regulations and rules, just meant to entangle someone like him. He still thinks that there are reasonable people behind the claims using these rules to bring about good.

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You don't bargain with Cluster B trash. You set boundaries or go no contact.

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The rules are on his side. If you read on, he even called their shit on breaking the rules when demoting him and was ignored because he used the word "gulag". Then when he clarified, they doubled down on acting offended "because they haven't murdered anyone" instead of explaining why they are above the rules.

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Psychopaths are known for infiltrating groups of crafters and artisans, infesting it via internal-politics, and reaping discord. This all reeks of a loose psychopath or even psy-op. They don't give a shit about transgender, this is purely about dismantling Linux. Wake up people and get your head out of the gender narrative.

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true, the worst being the occultist and jewish infiltration of the medieval guilds (e.g., the freemasons).

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What do you think SJWs are?

Except in this world, those Cluster B's have authority in a lot of the things which have a public face, and the ones that aren't in the public eye, are very rapidly made so, by attention whoring it in the media (which is controlled by them as well).

They can't survive in a world based off merit, so they have to either 1. make it so everything is dumbed down and trashed, or 2. actively sabotage it via infiltration, concern trolling or demonising those who don't subscribe to their horseshit.

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What do you think SJWs are?

Useful idiots. People using a shame tactic for those dumb enough to fall for it.

They can't survive in a world based off merit

That, or they are too lazy to.

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This is why they killed (suicided with a vacuum cord) Ian. He still had too much pull. Rest in peace.

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I haven't heard lf this, tell us more?

"Debian" was a word-blend of the founder and his girlfriend's name, but they broke up and he was still working on it after the breakup.

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Debian founder, Ian Murdock died on Dec 28 2015. The coroner returned a verdict of suicide.

On the evening of December 28, the 42-year-old fired off a string of increasingly incoherent tweets, claiming he had been beaten up by police officers near his home on Green Street, San Francisco, and was threatening to kill himself. Fearing he was going to take his own life, his friends on the internet called the city's police department, who sent round a cop to check on him.

Peering through a window, the officer could see the open-source guru lying face down on his stairs. The cop kicked down the locked front door, and found Murdock naked and lifeless with electrical cord around his neck. He was confirmed dead at 7.40pm.


In signing off the autopsy report, Dr Amy Hart, assistant medical examiner, said the death was suicide by hanging, noting that Murdock suffered from "alcohol abuse with withdrawal seizures and Asperger's syndrome."


Edit: Corrected the date of Ian Murdock's death.

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<<<has a tone>>> that is inappropriate for Planet Debian.

Linux is DEAD. It's over guys. It will cling to life for a few more years but managing a corporation that treats it's developers like this will not last.

It was a good run, we were all cheering for you but now the end is certain.

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It took decades for Sun to put down Solaris.

I can't find the article now [UPDATE 1, 2, 3, some claims still missing], but a new CEO at one point decided to remove the compiler from lower end versions of SPARC workstations or something. You had to pay for an upgrade to get what used to be free. Differentiation actually is a marketing technique but that was pretty shitty... This was about the time GCC became popular.

They also changed how system calls were made (via registers, not via stack) to intentionally create an incompatibility with proto-BSD.

The CEO was a massive failure and paid handsomely to leave, falling upward into other big corporations.

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Solaris was well and alive before Shitty McShitface's company bought Sun and basically killed off everything except MySQL.

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