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The machines have no mercy for the chronically retarded.

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While I am not a professional programmer(a novice at best), I do think that it is wise for anyone to learn more than one way to eat. These journalist who have sucked the tit of mediocrity for so long, just to win brownie points from the masters guild of propaganda are receiving the rude awakening that they so desperately needed. Those who cannot improvise, adapt or overcome, should look elsewhere. Lets face it. There are few good journalist out there. The world needs a break from the incoherent puke forced on us by the evil, sadistic hedonist that govern this shithole. learn to code indeed.

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The annoying thing with coding is that it is a 365.2422/7/24 none stop effort. You eat behind the PC, you drink behind the PC you even take your laptop to the toilet. Blink and a 18 year old replaces your job because he is ahead of you.

The other thing is that 18 year old that just replaced you will be replaced 6 months or 1 year from now because he too becomes obsolete. So the world is creating one giant pile of throwaway developers that will end up in a burn out state and jump from a building.

Now the good news: Those developers that are on top of the food-chain and evolved while other developers gave up or jumped from a building will be the ones that companies need after they burned through the complete population. Those will become the new millionaires.

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Some of that is true but it really takes nothing to get hired as a software developer these days.

If you can stand it to stare at a computer screen 6 hours a day 5 days a week, you're on par with half the developers that get hired. And the ones who interview? Holy shit so much money is wasted interviewing people who don't even know what a loop is. Worse than that once in a while one of them actually gets hired.

Scrum, which is a stupid methodology where basically you're only as good as your worst developer, just exacerbates the problem. Managers think it means they can hire lots of shit developers and it forces them to put their heads together. The software industry is a disaster, it has been for decades now.

It's amazing anything gets made at all.

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The last 3 years software has been at a stand still, nothing new is created only icons, fonts and flashy background changes. Modern day software are ergonomic disasters.

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Scrum is just a meeting that lets other people know what you are working on and to keep track of bugs and features.

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AI will replace coders too. It's just crossing the semantic gap. The best coder today is like the best chess player before deep blue.

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Won't happen. When you look at tensor flow, it is still programming. Also the Ai to replace a human is way too costly to maintain and sucks so much energy that on itself causes climate change.

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You don't understand the field if you believe this. Biological thought is limited to time-serialized samples and 20-60hz response times. AI will have no such limitations. We will be able to create a program to do (sound -> code) mappings. Things like "Alexa, build me a website where people can talk to each other like reddit".

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HTML is not coding… when will stupid liberal leftist propagandist women finally learn?

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Everyone should learn it. One thing they all share is they love Jobs and he said if you can't learn to code you can't really prove you know how to think. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=5Z1gfgM7kzo

So remind them critical thinking is essential to reporting and no better way to increase their value than learning how tech is going to ultimately replace them from their next job also.

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They should learn to pull their head's out of their ass first.