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Learn to work a deep fryer.

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https://files.catbox.moe/3xx9oe.png :

2013-10-21 | Should Journalism Schools Require Reporters to 'Learn Code'? No - The Atlantic

'When I started journalism grad school in 2009, I couldn’t wait to finish so I could begin my reporting career. '

'No matter; the details would surely work themselves out later once I became a Zuckerbergian programming genius. '

'I’m not sure how, in my sleep-deprived, terror-stricken mind, the rest of the plan was supposed to work. '

'And after I had what felt like my hundredth freelance pitch rejected, I grew downright panicked. '

'I would sail in ahead of the hundreds of other applicants, I thought. '

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Writers need publicists, unless they can code

And any journalists who knowingly pushes propaganda should be boycotted until they get another career

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