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AGILE sucks!

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https://archive.fo/MNZjB :

IBM: Co-Op Insurance talking direct to coding subcontractor helped collapse of £55m IT revamp project • The Register

'As part of the £55m contract, IBM would have licensed "certain software products" to the insurer for £7.966m. '

'Earlier this year the Co-Op Group reported a 25 per cent fall in insurance sales to £331m. '

'Bizarrely, IBM claimed that had the upgrade gone to plan, "it would not have resulted in any increase in the [Co-Op]'s profitability or revenues". ', "IBM has denied the upgraded software was unusable and alleges, in brief, that the project's disintegration was the Co-Op's fault."

'IBM has blamed ex-customer Co-Op Insurance for the crash of a £55m project centring on Agile software development, but admitted the systems it built "would not have" boosted the insurer's top or bottom line anyway. '

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