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I'm a copyfree fanatic, and I've been keeping an eye on UPP / Ultimate++ for many years. Unfortunately I haven't done any desktop app programming during this time, so I never got to use it.

It's been around since 2004 and seems to be chugging along pretty slowly, not sure if it has kept up with all the latest advancements in C++. I'm also not sure if C++ app development is worth the extra effort compared to languages like D - DlangIDE with DlangUI, etc.

Another option to consider is NANA (modern C++, Boost license), and light-weight libraries like imgui (C++, MIT license) or nuklear (C, public domain).

Avoid wrappers around commie GPL crap like GTK, and especially idiotic bloatware like Electron.

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Have you used it for anything? Any nice features in particular?

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Yes, I've used it to create a time tracking application and some websocket apps. IMO the nicest features are that it's relatively easy to program, it relies on container classes for heap management so you can go a long distance building an app without touching new or delete. In Qt and other frameworks, you end up with the framework itself managing the heap so you have new calls strewn everywhere to construct a widget hierarchy. It also allows for the creation of single, standalone executables that incorporate the entire framework in a relatively small size. Build times for apps are also faster than others.

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Does the GUI framework provide any sort of layout manager like Qt has with VBoxes, HBoxes etc. that can stretch automatically?

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I like the java-like object orientation where you can just lambda code in, or derive a class, etc.

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Rapid development is achieved by the smart and aggressive use of C++

There really is no such thing as a smart and agressive use of C++. OOP was a mistake. The only reason C++ is usable is because it has most of C's features, with RAII.

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