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A smartass walks into the bar and orders a '); drop table users; --.

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Poor little Bobby Tables :'(

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Newb here, So I'm kind of getting this, you're closing the string with ";)", and then "drop table users" is something server related, maybe SQL? What's the "--"?

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SQL syntax.

So imagine your website has such (very naïve) server logic:

sql_stmt = "SELECT UserID, Username FROM Users WHERE Username = '"
                + form.fields["username"]
                + "' AND Password = '"
                + hash_password(form.fields["password"])
                + "';";

execute_sql(database, sql_query)

If you put '; DROP TABLE Users; -- as a username in the form, then the statement gets compiled as the following:

SELECT UserID, Username FROM Users
WHERE Username = ''; DROP TABLE Users; -- ' AND Password = '###########…';

Since -- marks the beginning of a comment line, it effectively neuters the statement and makes it drop (delete) the Users table.

Some people would gain admin privilege by adding stuff like UPDATE TABLE Users SET IsAdmin = 1 WHERE Username = 'wakkablam'; thus promoting user Wakkablam to administrator status or so.

Some poking around might be necessary to guess the structure of tables or such.

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The -- makes anything after it into a comment which is ignored by the database. This prevents the remainder of the original command from making the whole thing invalid.

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Basic SQL injection

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God I wish I didn't relate to this.

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I laughed a whole bunch on the outside, but inside, I'm screaming.

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I'm on the other side going "Yup, that's about right. At least they QA'd this time."

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@PuttItOut and @Atko. It's just like the good ol' days when Voat was in it's infancy. Now it's one of the most reliable websites I've been on.

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You mean SNAHU, Situation Normal: All Hugged Up, don't you, comrade?

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I must ask the committee BEFORE I can answer.

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This is a personal attack

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But did he get his lizard?

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This is why unit tests aren't all that great.

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Unit tests are especially good at preventing regressions, e.g. Adam Customer uses the calculator utility inside your application; the unit test is unable to launch the calculator, therefore the build is broken and shall not be delivered to Adam Customer.

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How do you test if Mr. Customer can launch the calculator utility? What if it launches, but the user only sees dicks? I joke, but GUIs are hard to work with sometimes and can do weird things, and I don't know how you can test that outside of whether or not it crashed. "It worked fine on my machine."

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They provide the most basic net. E2E tests are better but more brittle.

Tautological testing.

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I'm right in the middle of that.

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I feel ya bruh.

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