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Sums up microsoft code with code from the old white programmers vs goldbricking shitskin indians.

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Pretty much. I used Stack Overflow to actually learn how to do things; most shovel-ware pajeets just straight-up c+p without knowing wtf is going on. That's the difference which cheaping out on labour makes, when hiring a workforce. Hire a team of pajeets to build something that will break whenever the wind changes direction, and then have a small team of actually competent (read: non-Indian) coders, who come along afterwards, to barely hold everything together.

And then they wonder why everything is bastardized, bloated and broken. No, it's not JavaScript's fault most websites clock-in at over 100MBs, per hit. Why spend time coding something small and efficient, which is functionally the same but has 1/10th the size and 10x the performance— that you will fully understand and be able to work with. Why do that, when you can import every single library off Google's CDN, and stitch shit together like a retard making a quilt— and then go post a question on Stack Overflow when everything inevitably breaks, and you can't figure out how to fix it.

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Kindly do the needful?

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I'm sure they had a few chinks contributing good code too. You don't have to be a racist, white supremacist just because spics and niggers weren't contributing anything.

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You're missing the invisible part in front of the horse, the most recent code written by nigger tranny feminist diversity hires.

Indian make shit codes, while the most recent wave of diversity hire make shittier codes and fucking up what works because it offends their "feelings."

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I thought they just designed icons, corrected spelling mistakes and submitted Codes of Conduct?

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It would be funny if it wasn’t real. I did the firmware for the PlayStation many many years ago now. It was only I , an American and a Russian that did all the code, Unicode and hex. 3 people! And our software runs on over 40 billion devices.

I’ve seen whole teams take a week to do what can be done by one person in a fucking morning.

As for replacing us with Pajeets. That’s the norm everywhere now isn’t it.

Does make me laugh though, thx for the giggle.

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You just doxed yourself, eh?

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The ultimate un-doxxing is to make honest-sounding posts that have nothing to do with you. Did I tell you about the time I was on an Apollo mission?

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Once I was working in codementor.com and a pajeet was hired to work for the navy credit union, he could not do the most basic java/jsf stuff so he hired me to do his work while he watched his screen.


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40 billion PS1's? yeah ok.

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Sheesh. This was me and my grad school math proofs (math.stackexchange.com)

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As a non programmer, I can only assume this is correct in 90% of situations

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As a programmer it is worse than this. For my personal code it is all like the left side but it is more like 90/10 as most of the time you end up using a template from an existing source. Big projects that use H1Bs look like the picture.

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This is literally any programming question.

Nobody does that, why do you want to do it?


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Some first year CS kid asks a question and gets a pajeet demanding to know his rationale only to reveal later that he doesn't know the answer regardless of context.

Had something like this happen to me. In my first programming class, I knew nothing. Asked a question from the TA in the programming lab that accompanies the class. Later learn that the reason she couldn't answer a simple question on how to use a Java print method was because she was a diversity student. Only reason she had the grades she did was because vagina.

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You get what you pay for. I work with Americans, Germans, Suisse, and Slovakians.. and I've had good experiences. The times I've worked with Indians were abysmal.

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You don't like Amapubujab's code, because you're racist.

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I don't copy from StackOverflow... so you can just imagine what my code looks like.

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Rewrite your code from scratch and stop using other peopkes code., cause most code written is garbage... Was actually said by an astronomer in the 70s-80s.

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