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Awesome, thank you.

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I recommend learning Python first. It is extremely popular, and you'll find lots of free learning resources of all kinds. If you want to later learn systems programming, I recommend the Nim programming language.

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Sounds good. Just bought a book. Thanks man.

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Take the first 5 lessons in java and python from codeacademy (will take 1 hour total). Make a website (basic, like your resume). Make an simple android app (like tic tac toe). By the time you're done, youll feel like 18 y/o Bill Gates, ready to take on the world. You can do this in a week in your spare time.

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will do. thanks

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first, start with either C/C++ or Python

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Every language has its own features. I'm Magento expert so here I am talking about Magento which is one of the best using content management system to build eCommerce website. If you want to build a single page website and you have no specific knowledge of coding or programming then you can choose wordpress which is very user friendly and easy to use.

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Thanks for the question and reply. I'm also interested to learn programming as hobby. Looking into c++ as foundation but would like to have some simple brief as to where python is situated. I can check out wikipedia for some general idea but would appreciate the experts input on this too.


Edit: I have reread Libman comment. Thank you.

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Excellent reply. Ludicrous is good since I like to stay there. I prefer the terminal with what I already have done. I will take this advice to heart. Never tried Lisp, but I will. Thanks. If I could upvote you twice, I would.

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