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thanks for the comment, i was unsure what Printf() did

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no newline?

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// printf() displays the string inside quotation

printf() does more than just "display" a string. It also scans through the string 1 byte at a time looking for format specifiers. The way to print a string to stdout without pointless extra overhead is puts().

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Valid point. I do tend to forget puts(). However, on a normal computer, the CPU is fast enough, it does not matter. Also, there is function call overhead, and display or file IO overhead for the output string. I've never felt the need to use puts() while optimizing for speed. ... However, I will remember it better now.

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Dev for a health care company. We were overbooked when we had 20 developers. We are down to 5 with the same workload. One of which has been working for two years and can't figure an error when trying to build a project in the wrong version of java.

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Every AAA gaming studio for the last decade?

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Windows 10 dev?

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I agree, you should blow your brains out. Be sure to livestream it, or nobody will care.

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Leave like the senior devs did. They probably left first because they’ve been around long enough to know a train wreck when they’re working for one.

If you have near zero experience or qualifications and you need this job because you don’t look good enough on paper to land anything better put your time in, get a few years on your resume, then start looking elsewhere.

I did it. Lots of people around me at the same company did it too. Now that I think about it every developer working with me at that company was either a hopeless hack, or someone with talent but no credentials putting in their time to get qualified for something better. The salaries were low. Most of the work got done by people who were too good for that company.

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Don't, because then you just tip the balance toward the idiots side. Document all the stupidity. Keep logs of every stupid thing they do. When something goes wrong because of it, offer up the information.

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You must work for Bethesda.

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