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@Dfens is a censorous communistic moderator. this user should be quarantined away from the rest of us who enjoy free speech.

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How so?

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He banned me from one of his subs I'd never even visited. But didn't from the rest of his subs. So not only is he a shitbag he's dumb as fuck as well.

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I indentify with that Dilbert, only the bad-mouther was a dweeb with no where near my programming skills.

Guy couldn't SQL in a relational way if his life was in jeopardy..

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Question. How do you handle people who have no idea what they want but somehow expect you to figure it out for them? This seems endemic in programming and database queries.

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Ask "why?" 5 times. That's the average number of levels of abstraction you have to get through, just to get a clear picture of the root problem.

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Also, what you are up against is ignorance and hope.

You're dealing with people looking for a solution, but ignorant as to how to find it, they have a hope that you as the programmer owns magic, they are not even listening to what you are saying, every time you speak, the eyes glaze over, they just have hope.

Your only salvation is a really glib salesman to salve over all the disappointment.

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Of course, you must always do this...

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Dilbert will always rule.

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Hahaha this is so true! Great share.

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Except when this is real and you've been stuck working on said projects for almost five years and just feel like blowing your brains out.

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Although I'm a batshit-individualist, it is in the company's best interest to have programmers collaborate and review each-other's code during the development process, rather than having one person pile up a mountain of crap code and then hand it over to another person.

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I like it and agree with this. Sometime our clients are expecting too much from us. I'm an Magento eCommerce developer and working since five years and I ever seen these type of deadlines in my professional career.

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