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Why Silicon Valley is worried about US plan to curb Chinese funds | Technology | The Guardian

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Nothing will get China to playball like shutting their access to US equity markets.

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China's gov't makes a list of tech they want to build, then they send their spies out to acquire it. These days, it's probably cheaper to throw dollars at the problem rather than people because we're aware of the games they're playing. There is quite a lot of FBI educational outreach on the topic if you're in the right industries...

Yeah, it'll probably hit the market, but I don't give a fuck...this will be better for the US overall and the game will be harder for China to play.

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Fuck (((Silicone Valley))). It can burn for all I care.

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Try not to drop all of us into the same bucket. Some of us are on your side. I abhor the goog and cuckbook as much as the next goat (plus a few you probably don't know about).

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When I say Silly Cunt Valley, I really mean Mark Faceberg and his ilk. The ones who ruined what used to be a hub of actual innovation and turned it into a sordid hive of jewry.