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This is utter madness. I doubt its even serious, just something for Wyden to say he is 'fighting for the little guy' when there isn't much chance that the republican senate would vote for this.

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https://archive.fo/o8Bar :

US draft bill moots locking up execs who lie about privacy violations • The Register

'They will be required to submit an annual data protection report to the Federal Trade Commission, which describes whether they have complied with the rules. ', "The rights proposed under the bill chime with those granted under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation and California's privacy law."

'The Democrat has proposed a new privacy bill for the US, with the short title of the Consumer Data Protection Act (PDF), which aims to address the hole in national rules. '

'Twice as many staff will be hired in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, with the remaining 25 being recruited to the Division of Enforcement of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. ', "But the senator goes further than this, mooting jail time for execs if their companies don't play by the rules."

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No need to criminalize this, conviction rates will be low. Instead require any compromised entity to be subject to a civil court process which is a lot easier for the government to win. All copyrights and patents it holds would become public domain and required to be published on a government run public server created to share seized IP. Re-issue it under GPL 3 or some such. Include music and anything else. If a company messes up, take away their proprietary asset portfolio and put them out of business. Share holders will be a lot more terrified of a civil process that could easily release all corporate owned IP assets than a criminal threat which is much harder to prove against some corporate officers. If the offense is found to be due to negligence or violation of other civil or criminal law, seize all corporate assets including all outstanding shares. What government treasury wouldn't like that.