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God that was stupid.

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That was retarded. Unicode is a pain in the ass which was devised for a reason: not all languages fit nicely into ascii. Duh.

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The best part of ASCII is it didn't accommodate gooks so it forced other cultures to learn english.

'Not all languages fit nicely into ascii', because all languages that don't should be dropped in favor of english.

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Unicode in domain names is especially nasty. Here's an example of how unicode in domain names lets you get phished with ease

Think you're on www.apple.com (and the HTTPS padlock appears), think again!

It only appears as if you're on www.apple.com because the "l" in apple is actually some unicode that is rendered visually similar.

ASCII for all commands / domain names / files names / anything that can be referenced from a command prompt. Unicode maybe if you want to put some special characters (math, etc) in a word processor document or PDF.

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The stupidest thing I could ever imagine someone would say about Unicode would still be better than this nonsense.

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Unreadable. A wall of wank.