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Affirmative action and diversity hire.

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Yes, but 90% pussy-pass hire. Those guys weren't inviting her to their startup for anything other than the eye candy and potential lay.

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"potential lay"

I think everyone involved knows there's zero potential there.

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That screenshot leaked to the investors gets whoever the fuck just said that fired. Pissing away money on a female hire for you to hit on? Go find yourself a girlfriend. Don't spend company money trying to hire yourself one.

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Maybe advertising for their company too? Remember that app guy that hired the homeless dude to make apps. That was a huge ad for the app building company. Homeless dude made an app called "trees for cars". People downloaded the app to feel good about themselves.
Last I heard, The homeless dude is homeless again.
It is all Silicon Snake Oil.

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That's all true. BUT the really funny part in all this, is that the girl herself (attached to those hands) and her loyal followers ACTUALLY FUCKING BELIEVE THAT WHAT SHE IS DOING IS CODING!!!!

one of the biggest ball busters these days is these retards are the ones being hired for "programming" jobs, but once they get to the office, the managers realize they're inept and so they assign them the only task they can give them that they cant royally fuck up due to their lack of coding ability... writing the all important "Code of Conduct"

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Jesus Christ.

TIL I'm a full stack engineer.

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yes, I do this to myself, say that i'm not good enough. then I see shit like this and realize I am good enough.

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The Impostor Phenomenon is real and it's a bitch, unfortunately it ties in to the Dunning Kruger and Peter Principle almost perfectly.

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Whatever your abilities are, a model pretending to be a programmer shouldn't be your standard for comparison.

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then I see shit like this and realize I am good enough

That's just as much of a trap as the opposite scenario though. The world is already full of smug "experts" who think they're hot shit because they're better than 90% of Pajeets on Stack Overflow.

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Seeing people on the far left side of dunning-kruger is a hell of a confidence booster.

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Fuck it, why not. I'm a full stack engineer, but not a web stack engineer. I did some shit in iis, so I'll call myself a web stack engineer now. I also manage all cyber security, so I'm a crypto engineer now.

I'm going to change my gender to female, dye my hair pink, and be waiting for a 7 digit offer letter from google.

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But can you make the words n sheiiit different colors? Can ya, PAL?

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She's just a fuckwit B-list model who started a sexist scholarship for girls who want to learn how to "kode", which I guess that's 'code' for filling your screen with command line gibberish then posing for photos.

Just another vapid, virtue signaling, wanna-be celeb trying to pretend her life doesn't revolve around her looks and a crippling need for social media attention.

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I think she just married into some powerful/wealthy family.
Guess the modeling, koding and fake-lezzing with Taylor Swift wasn't "empowering" enough.

Ah, that's it. She married Jared Kushner's brother Josh. So I guess she's Ivanka's sister-in-law now.

In 2014, Kushner, with his brother Joshua and Ryan Williams, co-founded Cadre (now RealCadre LLC), an online real-estate investment platform. His business partners included Goldman Sachs and billionaire George Soros, a top Democratic Party donor.[26][27][28] In early 2015, Soros Fund Management financed the startup with a $250 million credit line.[26][29] Kushner did not identify these business relationships in his January 2017 government financial-disclosure form.[26][30]

Damn, they're a sketchy bunch. Gonna be interesting to see what Trump's long term game is regarding his son-in-law.

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That is really sketchy. Wonder how that goes over with Trump talking trash about Soros while his son-in-law does business with him.

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This is why people call Trump a shabas goy.

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Tranny programmers:

git add CoC.txt
git commit -m "u white, cis homophobes mad now?"
git push github master^W primary
curl -d status="Haha, eat shit white males" https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update.json

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List of files, definitely no "code" directory

cd code

... no such file or directory: code

cd ..

must keep looking until I find that code that someone else wrote so I can pass it of as my own (if only I understood what it did).

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The filenames themselves are also weird. What fucking directory tree is she backing out of?! WHY DOES A SPEAKING GRANDMA LAB NEED PRE-COLLEGE?!

Oh wait, precollege entrance exams/questions? She'll be devastated when she flunks out of first year. I'm sure she'll find a solid way to justify switching majors to women's studies.

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There was a girl in my geosciences 100 class that was always complaining. She wanted valedictorian and some STEM degree. Found out she was always complaining because her grade was something like 45%-50%.

For me goes100 is a fun and easy elective, for her it made her face crushing reality. At least I got to on field trips with coeds.

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She didn't even mkdir, was she just hoping there was a directory called "code" ? Nah she was just using the only commands she knows to signal to facebook about her wealth of coding "knowledge" .

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Maybe she downloaded and extracted a code folder into Desktop via GUI and doesn't know where Desktop folder is... I don't know, if presenting something in front of an audience it's good to do dress rehersals.

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User: cd code
Computer: No 'code' directory here sorry.
User: cd..
Computer: "That's not how you do it"
User: pwd
Computer: Here you are, but you could have just looked at your prompt you fool. Remember yesterday when you learned how to customize it? Look at the friggin mess you made of it....it's so embarrassing, make sure you don't let anyone else see it.
User: cd..
Computer: Are you retarded? I told you that's wrong.
User: cd ..
Computer: Horray! There's hope after all, here you go...
User: ls
Computer: Look what we have here...
User: cd code
Computer: Kill me now!!

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Notice how the competent women are the ones who prefer traditional gender roles in the long run?

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Heh, same here. Knew a female programmer who was suprisingly very competent, met her down the road and found out she spent very little time in the industry.

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She rather had been home with the kids than working constantly missing out on their lives.

Which is great. That is more important than money, to make sure the kids are not indoctrinated by the shithole satanists writing the education curriculum.

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We home school our kids in my house and trying to find a curriculum that was not Christo-centric was a task.

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She rather had been home with the kids than working constantly missing out on their lives.

The story of every female dev I've ever met; good field to find a husband in though so can't exactly fault them.

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Same here. My former manager was a Savant. The rest were all fucking retard.

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Translation for the non programers?

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Imagine a folder within a folder within a folder (folders are also called directories).

So: voat > sub verseres > animals > felines > cats

You are within the cats folder (sub).

The CD .. means to go back 1 directory to felines.

Change Directory + 2 periods is shorthand for going back 1 that you came from:

If your are in felines you could:

cd /cats (to go one folder in)

So this girl was just going back one directory her whole screen.

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I did that shit on DOS when I was six years old.

[–] level_101 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

[–] WhiteRonin 2 points (+2|-0) 16 minutes ago

Imagine a folder within a folder within a folder (folders are also called directories).

So: voat > sub verseres > animals > felines > cats

You are within the cats folder (sub).

The CD .. means to go back 1 directory to felines.

Change Directory + 2 periods is shorthand for going back 1 that you came from:

If your are in felines you could:

cd /cats (to go one folder in)

So this girl was just going back one directory her whole screen.

Almost perfect ;) but you have a typo. .

You cannot "cd /cats" if you are in "felines".

You are mixing up a absolute path and a relative path.

Absolute would have the entire path in the filesystem, relative is relative to the location you are currently in.

As such, you would want "cd cats/" or "cd cats".

An absolute path would (with your given example) be. "cd /voat/sub\ verseres/animals/felines/cats". Note that the \ by "sub" is because the path contains a space. The \ is to "escape" the space for the path.

Otherwise, you are spot on and that is a great explanation +1 to you sir.

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Don't trust WhiteRonin. He needs to spot-check his CLI commands....

  • cd (change directory)
  • cd .. (go back\up one directory)
  • cd /cats (go directly to /cats, which is parallel to /voat (the root of where we were before) )

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Also, there's a totally useless and redundant function, up top. It's a function that combines two strings. It doesn't return a value and her call to it isn't using it, in any context. It just combines the strings and stops. No output.

A retardedly convoluted way of typing, print "your" + " mom"; except without the, print part.

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Monkey writing Shakespeare.

[–] MehWhatever 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

More like a monkey writing Dr. Seuss, and failing to get past the first sentence.

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Well it's not really code.

If you have a Mac (bear with me here) Or linux, you can use it much like command line. She's using Bash commands.

Literally, she's using the computer without a mouse or keyboard.

"cd" is "Change Directory," basically 'click on folder on the screen I'm on now,' or 'go back up a layer in the folders- if I was in 'pics of my kids,' take me back to just 'pics.'

That's basically what she's doing.

"cd .." is "take me back up a layer."

"cd code" was her trying to find a folder she'd named "code."


A: this isn't coding, it's just using the pc on keyboard commands only.

B: She can't even do THAT right.

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CD is a windows shell command too

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Is the bear still with you? Do you need assistance?

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Thanks for taking the time to explain. That truly sad.

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basically the command line equivalent of opening the file explorer clicking on a blank spot on the screen and going why no folder open then dragging the screen around angrily.

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She was hired by the Manager of the Year

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Damn, that must be pretty old. I haven't seen a PS2 mouse in a fair while. Looks like the lap top is old enough to use one though.

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Yeah, the only real advantage of PS/2 is for keyboards, because it makes n-key rollover possible (assuming your keyboard is designed for n-key also)

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