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.Net It is open source. Nearly all of the packages developed and available on nuget are open source. It is on nearly every platform now with .Net core. Stack overflow runs their site on .Net and needs only minimal hardware to support their massive amount of traffic. It is an open standard, also.

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it's worth learning, plenty of office webshit uses it; it's basically java for people who don't have linux servers and buy microsoft everything and those guys are everywhere.

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Voat is currently in .Net core after a massive port to open source last summer. Meanwhile Putts gets crap from people like @AOU for not doing enough for the site.

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.NET C# is the next best thing to C++. It is a very powerful all round language that scales incredibly well and also is very performant. Been programming it since 2001 if I recall. Also it is a fast compiler and you get results fast.

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Some benchmarks:

Seems that Rust is consistently above C#; and Nim, Go, and D often are too. Also Nim's syntax is much cleaner.

And note that those Web benchmarks are with 32GB RAM, which benefits memory-hungry VMs (Java and .NET). RAM is usually the cost bottleneck of rented server resources, so you get better performance per dollar with native code: Rust, D, Go, or Nim.

Also, I would feel like a hypocrite saying "FUCK MICROSOFT" while being dependent on their FLOSS, which they release for PR / promotional / propaganda purposes. Same with Google Go/Dart, Oracle Java, Apple Swift, Mozilla Rust, etc. Programming languages without government-loving sugar-daddies, like Nim, are best.

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You are referring to the framework, I refer to the C# generated code itself versus developing an C++ application.

An why is everybody assuming that web is the only possible thing you can create? There is more in life than web development.

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I'd only consider contributing to fully copyfree projects.

The .NET framework / Mono isn't entirely copyfree, because many important components are under the Apache license (rejected by the Copyfree Initiative, OpenBSD, etc). This is why I advocate Nim (which is also faster and more scalable, esp on memory-restricted VPS).

Voat itself started out as GPLv3 (as uncopyfree as any open source software gets), and now it's heck knows what...

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Where do I go to check out the code and contribute?

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I was developing a small game for like three years (part-time) in Scala, been toying with Haskell for like 5 (only on weekends for few hours, I would still rate myself as beginner or mildly advanced user). Now I am starting (few months of part-time in) working on a game in Unity, so I am using (older) C#. I would not rate C# extremely high, compared to Scala or Haskell, it lacks a lot - doesn't have easy immutable data structures, it has collections library designed for special people (read people who didn't work in any other language and didn't study at university, only worked with relational DB), missing Option/Maybe, interfaces are inferior to traits from Scala, a lot of syntax (Linq) seems cobbled on without much thought, a lot of features seem not to be orthogonal (I think syntax-wise C# is much more complicated than Scala, yet Scala is more powerful [the typesystem is much better], cleaner and succinct), required "virtual" modifier seems archaic and too low level, type inference is quite weak (weaker than Scala, and Scala is not that great in it in a first place), functions/lambdas feel like second class citizens (again weird naming strikes, often incapable of inferring types which leads to very long types), no pattern matching (I think this omission is fixed in newer version), its multiplatform story is a lot to be desired (yes, core part is open-source and multiplatform, but many things are MS-world only, so unless you are targeting only Windows or wanting to work in Unity, there are much better options elsewhere).

TLDR: I am not a fan of C# and find many its parts infuriating. You can get work done in it, but if you ever tasted above average language then you probably will be disappointed. If you ever worked only in mainstream ones, like Java, JavaScript or PHP without ever doing even basic FP, you might appreciate C# (definitely more than me).

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