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I vote to change the terms to aryan and untermensch.

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Blue-haired tranny dykes are coming really hard into IT field, don't they. I remember seeing a github profile of such a specimen. All the "helpful" contributions she ever made were Code of Conducts, LMAO.

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They could rename "Python" to "Vagina" since the "P" in Python clearly refers to Penis.

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Once a project starts going non-binary that's when I know they've really lost it.

It's a spectrum of numbers, you hetero-bit-normative supremacist.

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While in an of itself, the terminology may not seem important, it is a strong indicator that Python leadership has grown vapid and useless. Sane stakeholders should start considering what other options might exist that could fill the same need.

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I always thought Python sucked due to having to deal with whitespace for scoping anyway, personally. Yeah, you can work around it but it's ultimately just a crummy design decision as it results in annoying and frequent errors.

It's as annoying as if C/C++ forced you to have exactly 3 spaces after every semi-colon.

Of course, other than that it is nice, has many cool libraries blah blah. Disliking the design doesn't mean I won't use it, though this SJW shit is another prospect. I fucking loathe globalist SJW trash.

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You are a man after my own heart.

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As much as that design decision is defended in the community, it is telling how little other languages wish to repeat it. I'm pretty much the same though. I use it anyway in some situations. I do tend to find myself beginning to steer clear of some of these projects when they start to become overly political.though.

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https://archive.fo/Q0VCP :

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms • The Register

'In 2014, Drupal, after some argument, swapped the terms "master" and "slave" for "primary" and "replica."'

'Last week Victor Stinner, a Python developer who works for Red Hat, published four pull requests seeking to change "master" and "slave" in Python documentation and code to terms like "parent," "worker," or something similarly anodyne. '

'The same year, Django traded "master" and "slave" for "leader" and "follower."'

'And when Python 3.8 is released, there will be fewer instances of these terms. '

'"I'm not super-excited by the idea that Python has to change its behavior based on secret comments," lamented Larry Hastings. '

This has been an automated message.

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Offensive to whom?

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I hate those people that have no idea of the technology, but then still come and demand ridiculous things that eventually waste everybodies time!

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