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I think google is slowly taking over wordpress or at least trying to...through their analytics, fonts and others...I think wordpress is trying to standardize by employing their new Gutenberg page editor. There is no where to run, need individuals to start creating again.

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This is why I have been against developers jumping on the "standards" bandwagon. Sure it is good to have a common set of accepted and proven standards for developing applications and websites, but even Open Source standards have been co-opted by companies like Jewgle and turned into tools to help spread their influence and control. I have always been a proponent for developers creating new things even if it means a lot of competing methods, protocols and tools. By having a large and varied pool of things to use, we avoid any one technology from being taken over by a megacorporation for their nefarious purposes. We also improve our skills as programmers since we have to think bigger and better instead of simply bolting on the most popular pieces and writing the same mundane code they lead to. It's time we take back our internet and break free from the "standards" that are forcing us to be slaves and weak coders. We need innovative programmers again. We need to stop these threats to the future of coding. Be original and creative. Roll your own my fellow coders. It's the only way we win.

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Yes, but its also the hardware. Intel can break into your files and everything else at will, so even if using open source and programming they can still landmine the platform. I agree with you about the programming - definitely. Work needs to be done on creating new software and platforms as well.

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AMP is stupid when compared to a simple unbloated traditional webpage. Unless you're Google and you want to take over the web.

Btw quit Google. No Chrome. No Google search. And get off Android asap.

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What good alternatives are there to Android? iOS and Windows Mobile do not seem much better, though I could be wrong.

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Apple products (except in china) do not have passwords to your icloud data without access to your physical phone in hand.

Apple is almost the opposite of google in that regard, as well as apple not selling your physical gps location nor wifi location for money !

Apple is your least horrific option.... but the app store is a libtard controlled SJW-fest. Web sites still get through to the many browsers though

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Please upvote, it is true

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Sounds like they are wanting more control over what the average user sees on the internet.

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