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Having been an angular developer since angularjs, heres my take on it.

I've been a backend developer developing in java or c# .net for several years. I've used anything from php to python as well. I began using angularjs to resolve a ui issue on one of my projects that did not have enough resources for a ui developer. It was easy to pick up and learn. Using angularjs and bootstrap I was able to put together a nice looking ui that was acceptable.

I think I learned the basics in over a weekend. That specific project got more attention from the higher ups so it needed a focused developer for the backend and front end and there was no angularjs developer on the team nor hireable because it was so new.

I basically supported the development of the app as a full stack developer.

I think being an angular developer is one thing, and rewarding from a "can find a job around the corner" as it is in high demand. But you make yourself more in demand by being a full stack developer. I get calls from recruiters where the preference is full stack and the pay rate seems to be better than if it was just angular by itself. Not that being just an angular developer provides bad pay.

I don't think angular is the next big thing as someone else pointed out. Angular from angularjs to angular 6+ now has been a "next big thing" for some 8 years now. Google is pushing it so it gets a nice build community and enterprise adoption. As is reactjs. There seems to be enough work around for both reactjs and angular since they have been around for at least 5+ years.

Hope this helps.