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Editing the holy script is blasphemy.

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...but god made this one open source

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Keep those glow in the dark CIA niggers away, they have no respect for sanctity.

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As much as I respect the man....yeah he's fucking insane. I couldn't finish watching the video.

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You should, it's hilarious towards the end.

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The one comment,

I'm starting to think he hit a jogger covered in reflective shit.

Oh, man. I shouldn't be laughing this hard. And yet, here we are.

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I also think that he may have written some software for the CIA before they slipped a 1/4 cup of LSD into his coffee. Would make a lot of things make sense.

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RIP Terry A. Davis 1969-2018.

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Did he really pass away or are you being facetious? Looks like the site is down.

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A quick Google search is turning up reports he died this last week. Not sure as to their veracity.

Side note: I guess I live under a rock. This post is the first I heard of him.

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It's been confirmed on Facebook. He died days ago while "hiking", but his family made it known yesterday. Terry's facebook page is now a Memorial.


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A fake Facebook post was spread around but nobody knows for sure yet what happened.

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He may even come out and say that he's never felt happier, and that he's excited about his project—even though he thinks there are conspiracies against him—but in the end he would only be fooling himself. We'll know the truth about him when we'll read about his double tap to the back of the head with a shotgun suicide during a mugging where nothing was stolen while his plane crashed shortly after take-off because he was actually a terrorist colluding with Russia. These things happen.

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Fucking niggers got him......

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CIA aliens :(

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..maybe not today, but don't worry, some other autist gonna take the source code and work with it. Give it another 10

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i'd play around with it, but i have my reservations on fucking directly with the christian god

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Rest in peace Terry.

Also, Is there a copy of the final version of the source?

Previously at: http://www.templeos.org/Wb/

Edit: Found at: https://templeos.holyc.xyz/Wb/

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RIP Terry.

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Yeah or you know, you could go for debian minimal server if you need a stripped down version of the OS

And if you want it even more stripped down, there's arch

Or this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SliTaz

Or this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Core_Linux it's 11 MB

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Not nearly as parsimonious as TempleOS

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That's true that's true

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