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I think much of it comes down to whether it's something they intend to sell, which is often what gets the most programming attention within the company, and programming is what I personally enjoy. As far as just software to use within the company, yeah, copyleft stuff usually has more features and is a bit friendlier, so there's no real downside to using it. But for me, what helps me the most when I'm sitting in some cubicle, what helps me the most, what enriches and improves my work environment is well written frameworks and libraries written by seemingly angelic servants sent from God, whose truly selfless altruism allows some pathetic wretch like me, who is working and supporting "the man" to have some small level of respite from the soul crushing job that my eternal spirit has had to lower itself into doing, in order to support the life and well-being of my body and those of my family.

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Reg. working for "the man", you do get paid a salary, right? And do others benefit from the work you do? And is the company moral or at least not overall evil?

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Yeah, I'm not saying it's actually evil, but some people view any authority as evil, and it can feel soul crushing at times even though it's relatively all good. It's probably just because it's not stuff I'd choose to work on. Any type of work can sorta be soul crushing in that way, although it mostly just depends on how the person is feeling. I know I should feel good about work, but it can get to be boring and hard to cope with after doing the same sorta stuff for a long time.