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Were you brutally honest about your qualifications and experience as well as lack of experience in different regards at the job interview? If so, it is alright, they chose to hire you and knew who they were hiring, just focus on improving and doing a good and responsible job. In my opinion, it is OK to say that you don't know a given topic, but you can learn about it if necessary, maybe in your free time - though that does depend on country, culture and company. If you weren't honest... well, I do not believe in "faking it until you make it", but it is your life and your responsibility, and things can be very complex. But still.

Reg. learning, I would recommend the other books mentioned in this thread, as well as Bjarne Stroustrup's , it is not just about the language but also about professional programming. Apart from that, build things in your own time, read code and topics online, and read forums like this and /r/programming - I know, reddit, but it still has value, at least for now.

But you should be aware that C++ is one of the harder, older and cruftier languages and are sometimes used in fairly challenging domains (though not always). Given that you want to work with C++, I guess you want to become a hardcore developer and/or work in embedded or HPC or similar (or game engines?). C++ is also somewhat weird - ensure that you learn at least two other somewhat different languages.