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Use this opportunity to grow. If you can learn a lot about pushing memory around in C++, you can pretty much land good C++ jobs any time you want. Programming in C++ is more about thinking about how to do things efficiently. Other languages accept a lot of slop but C++ will teach you to tighten things up. Once you have the basics of moving memory around you will have a better grasp at programming than most other programmers working in higher level languages.Take this time to learn the tricks the more seasoned programmers you work with know. If they have any grey beards around, definitely pick their brains as much as you can. The world need more good programmers with old school skills. You can get there if you apply yourself. As for the degree, learn the ins-and-outs of C++ well and you won't ever need a piece of paper to prop you up. You can do it. Just open your mind and code like mad to get the feel of it.